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Inquire about my services and tell me all about you, your thoughts and ideas.  I want to use my creativity to reflect your personality through the designs and pieces I create.  My process is thoughtful, considered and reflective on you, nature, textures and materials that all combine to make something beautiful to share and to keep and cherish.

As you start this process I would love you to think of the care and attention that has gone into every element that I use from the paper and envelopes that have been carefully handmade so that each piece is slightly different, then to the plant hand dyed ribbons that have spent hours being brought to life with natural dyes that will never be the same twice. I want to hear your fine art calligraphy dreams, I want to know that everything you receive from me will make you stop and admire not only its beauty but how it has been made.

I am based in Devon in the UK, I am also happy to ship worldwide.  Each year I take on a limited number of fully bespoke custom projects, editorial shoots or collaborations, please fill out the form below to start this wonderful creative process.

Thank you for stopping by, I can’t wait to hear from you.

With best wishes, Louise